7 Feb 2010

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Century Bank scandal still be a case of too extreme and hottest news in various media, both print and electronic in Indonesia. Extreme and warm because of the many scathing criticisms of economic analysts, political experts and communications to the coloring of anarchist demonstrations demands Century Bank settlement of the case.

After the public was made uneasy by a cult in Indonesia and the cruel murder Si Babe, now more people are made to wonder with the slow resolution of Century Bank scandal. In fact until now in accordance with the BPK analysis, Parliament Special Committee, NGOs and economic experts to produce other similar agreements, that Century Bank Scandal Involving State Officials.

Various actions of the elements of the community in some areas require immediate resolution Century scandal that cost the state up to Triliyunan Rupiah. Ironically again appears the name Boediono and Sri Mulyani is considered as a suspect and shouted, the picture was brutally made a statement object. Images and posters Boediono and Sri Mulyani destroyed until burned by the demonstrators. This led the government of President SBY accused of negative news.

After 100 days the government of SBY – Boediono made welcome by their alliances with elements of the community rally more extreme. Starting from Alogoris demonstrations until the demo is still with the demands of anarchists settlement Century Bank scandal. In fact there are several points that use animals to convey the message action. Like Buffalo named Si Bu Ya, delivery underwear and Rooster and goats with a picture of the State officials to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

In addition, at the end of 2009 our society has also shocked the emergence of the book Membongkar Gurita Cikeas Dibalik Skandal Century by George Aditjondro. The nature of the book includes secondary data and call family and colleagues as well as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono manages the foundation. Added again to the accusation that there are NGOs Flag 7 person team of SBY winnings include a child receives the flow of funds from the Bank Century.

Of all the things that happen to state government officials, especially allegations to the heightened state of negative impression in the middle of Indonesian society. Is Century Bank Scandal Involving State Officials?. Let the law to prove.

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