31 Jan 2010

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Vicious Killer Baekuni (Babe) Street ChildrenHeinous murder and mutilation of a chain in a way that made Baekuni aka Babe (48) made the news this extreme. Babe atrocities began to smell when the discovery of the boy's body in pieces Cakung East Jakarta on January 8, 2010. Street children murdered by unknown mutilation called Ardiansyah (9) and previously also sodomized by Baekuni (Babe). In the examination of psychology at Polda Metro Jaya, Babe confessed to the serial killings of 7 boys and 4 of them mutilated. Street children who are victims of the violence Babe average age under 12 years.

From the results of a psychologist, University of Indonesia (UI), Prof. Sarlito Wirawan that Babe suffering homosexual, pedophile or a sexual attraction to minors, and is interested nekrofil sex with corpses. These psychiatric disorders of childhood against the backdrop of the often got Babe psychological violence and victimization in sodomy.

A little story Babe: Babe is a farmer's son from Magelang.Babe dwarfs always say stupid because it was never the next grade. He had attended only primary school to grade 3. Age 12 years, Babe migrate to Jakarta and became homeless in Lapangan Banteng. That was where Babe ever in sodomy. Babe then collected a named Cuk Saputar and brought to Kuningan, West Java for herding buffalo. He married at age 21 years, but since he can not be mated erection, until his wife died. After that Babe back to Jakarta selling cigarettes while caring for street children. When sexual desires come, Babe took people outside the group, namely street children brought by his foster children (Babamz.dagdigdug.com).

Action Babe nasty estimated since 1998 and mutilation murder of a new way since 2007. Seventh street children who are victims is Arif Small (6 years). His body was found in the terminal Pulogadung, his body was cut into four parts. When found Thursday, May 15, 2008, he was in a state without a head. And Adi (12 years), His body was found in the Market Klender, Cakung, July 9, 2007. Victim's body was cut into two parts before discharge into Klender market. Then Ardiansyah (10 years), His body was found in Jalan Raya Bekasi KM 27, Ujung Menteng, Cakung, on Friday, January 8, 2010. Before throwing bodies, Babe first intercourse and then cut up the body of the victim. When found, the victim's body wrapped in cardboard. He mutilated so five parts. Four of wrapped boxes. While head disposed separately under the bridge, near the location of the discovery of her body. Next Rio whose body was cut into four parts. Victim found in the sidewalk in front of people Bekasi Trade Center (BTC), Joyo Martono Street BTC Rt 3 / 21 Sub-District Margahayu, East Bekasi, on January 14, 2008. Riki is also found in Pulogadung bus terminal in 2005. He was murdered by her neck entangled in advance when the victim refused sodomized. After the victim was helpless, then sodomized. After venting sexual appetite satisfied, the victim was murdered, and his body disposed of disposable plastic bags. In addition Arif, his body thrown into Brass, precisely at the edge of time Ciwaru district, Kuningan, West Java. Arif's body was not mutilated. But killed by buried his head into a river. It was 1999. He was also sodomized before his body disposed of. And Yusuf Maulana, was found d Jengkol Public bus stop, Kelapa Gading, on 30 April 2007. This kid was about 9-12 years. Just like Tom, Joseph's body is cut by Babe before discharge. From the data TempoInteraktif.com that in that time seen any change from the first principal mode only kill with a noose around his neck, a mutilation to close the trail.

But over time, Babe victims grows and the public shock. According to lawyers Babe, Rangga Beri Rikuser that the new confession was recorded while the victim Babe approximately 14 people. Recognition was presented last week, around Monday through Wednesday. Additional victims of this atrocity as young children, brought from Jakarta and slaughtered in the region (vivanews.com).

Vicious murders of street children there were often associated with psychological state of the perpetrator. Like the atrocities suffered by Babe Pedophilia so must sacrifice the children to satisfy their sexual needs. So all levels of society, private institutions and governments, activists and observers should be more serious child cooperate in fighting and provide protection to Indonesian children from all threats of violence, especially pedophiles. Street children are the targets of pedophiles to satisfy his lust.

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