15 May 2010

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Lizard Meat Dishes

Lizards are reptiles that have the appearance of a little scary. With a hideous physical form, apparently for some people Lizard meat is a delicious dish. Almost as delicious meat dishes bats.

Lizard is a reptile countrymen into the big lizard groups, tribal lizard-biawakan (Varanidae). Lizard in another language called bayawak (Sunda), menyawak or nyambik (Java), berekai (Madura), and the monitor lizard or goanna (UK) (Wikipedia).

You can find this extreme food, monitor lizard meat dish on the food stall Suwarni mother, in the Village Bulangkulon, Mejobo, Kudus, Central Java. Provide special menus tongseng lizard meat.

This tongseng making process in each day cutting and skinning tens lizards. Lizard meat is washed with water, then cut into small pieces and collected in a pan. Small pieces of iguana meat is then processed until tender. Spice blend and then incorporated into the stew of meat until the mixture is cooked. Well, be ready to dish tongseng lizard enjoyed.

Visitors shop confess addicted to eating meat dish tongseng lizard, because the meat tastes delicious. Suwarni mother claimed to have a special recipe in the meat processing lizards. In order not smell rancid meat, pieces of meat should be in the process long enough. The fat that settles on the surface of boiling water must also be discarded..

The same stall to provide this special menu available in the area of East Perak. On Laponta. All the typical cuisine of Manado and the Batak, the menus are sometimes strange ears. Lorensia Sri Rahayu, owner and manager of the restaurant was mentioned most customers do come to enjoy the flesh of lizards.

Monitor lizard meat meal is processed into rica-rica. Minced meat is very tender, very much different with the physical form of lizards that live wild in the rivers.

In Sumba, monitor lizard meat into daily meals. From the various information that can be used to treat oil lizard itching, allergies, smoothing the skin, treat burns, and tighten the breast.

After concentrating on reading an article about this extreme cuisine, you may want to try fine dining monitor lizard meat. Or if any of you ever tasted the meat, please share it in comments field.

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  1. pernah juga pak liek merasakan masakan daging nyambik ... rasanya enak juga ....

  2. daging bayawak ga buruk juga rasanya kok, lumayan lah.. hehe..

  3. hmmm Lizard meat, btw what benefit for our health if consumed this meat? u know like "bats" have benefit for cure disease :)