9 Apr 2010

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Meat Dishes Bat

News Extreme times are still in contact with meat. Maybe yesterday dealing with human flesh, and now associated with meat bat, which became a special dish.

Surely you know that with this animal. Bats are mammals that can fly groups, originating from the ordo Chiroptera with both front legs are developed into wings. Bats known by many names in various provinces in Indonesia. Paniki, Niki or lawa title is the designation for those bats in eastern Indonesia. Sundanese people call lalay, kalong or kampret. Central Javanese people call it, Lowo, kalong, lawa, or kampret. While the Dayak tribes referred to it, hawa, prok, cecadu, kusing or Tayo.

Behaviors or habits of the animals have unique characteristics, out of the cage in the evening, and did not return during the early morning. The presence of bats is also a sign for the community Soppeng district, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Center city became a gathering place of this mammal.

Several regions in Indonesia have been there a restaurant that serves meat dishes bats. For example, like in Manado. At the restaurant, bats with gravy cooked with coconut milk or dirica-rica. According to some extreme culinary connoisseur, meat paniki sweet coconut milk, and meat like duck.

Tata bats the same way of processing meat like other meat. A good treatment makes the meat is no longer a bat that disgusting food.

Brown bats proved to have a smell like apples, after a meal. Culinary bat meat is no less delicious food with a menu of other meat dishes. Very similar to buffalo or rabbit meat. Meat bats also have a lot of fiber.

For society, eating bats can treat various diseases, are thought to cure diseases caused by blood vessel constriction and asthma.

From various different sources. Processing bats for the treatment very simple. Meat burned bats, then eaten by the people directly affected by the disease. Do not be fried because of oil mixed with the reduced usefulness.

What about the dishes Meat Bats and usefulness for the treatment?. If curious just looking for a restaurant. Hopefully this information is useful to you.

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