7 Apr 2010

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Events ban on smoking in Indonesia has been issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council. But yet so ignored by the audience of a cigarette or maybe is difficult due to addiction. Along with these rules, appear too extreme news that cigarette filters are made from pig's blood. Really?.

This information is quoted from VIVAnews, a researcher at the Australian launch research on cigarettes, is assumed to contain pig blood. The content of pork is forbidden by Muslims is found in cigarette filters.

Professor in Public Health, University of Sydney, Simon Chapman, pointed to recent research that identifies the use of section 185 of the pigs, including in the manufacture of cigarette filters. These findings, said Chapman told News.com.au impact on Islamic and Jewish communities.

"The Jewish community will obviously assess this issue very seriously and the Islamic community will judge it very disturbing," said Chapman, Wednesday, March 31, 2010. Muslims and Jews, both have teaching forbids eating pig meat.

Study results recently, pig hemoglobin, blood proteins, used in making cigarette filters, and more effectively functioning as a trap for dangerous chemicals before the cigarette smoke into the lungs consumer of cigarettes. Chapman said there was no way to know for certain brands which use pig's blood.

If you are a smoker, and you are a Muslim or Jewish, that you smoked cigarettes containing pig's blood hemoglobin. But so far there is no way to know, because tobacco companies are not transparent and secret ingredients he uses, as well as legal aspects of the company, said Chapman (CyberSabili.com).

Cigarette filters are made from pig's blood will be a boomerang for a cigarette company. Also be a ban on the Islamic and Jewish communities.

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