2 Oct 2010

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Quran Burning in America

The Quran burning that the plan carried out by a pastor in Florida, United States, named Terry Jones, on 11 September 2010, was not implemented because of criticism from various parties. The Quran Burning at the U.S. intends to commemorate the WTC tragedy of September 11.

But apparently the Quran Burning successfully implemented by pastor Bob Old and Danny Allen. They burn the Quran in the backyard of a house in Springfileld, United States, on Saturday (11 / 9).

Old Bob and Danny Allen stood together in the old backyard. They called the move as a calling from God. They burned two copies of Quran and other Islamic texts in front of a handful of people, most of the media.

Quran Burning in America
Quran Burning in America
Quran Burning in America

As reported by the Detroit News, the burning of the Koran also occurred in Michigan. The burning of the Koran in front of the Islamic center in the city.

The burning of the Koran is an event that is very damaging America's image, may not happen again. Let us respect each other religious communities.

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