5 Oct 2010

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Virginity Worth £ 50,000. Scotland Yard managed to dismantle the syndicate plans to sell virginity of young girls to rich Arabs, for the sake of money worth £ 50,000.

The plan as reported Dailymail Daily on Monday (9/13/2010), a girl (aged 14 years) were used as bait by a syndicate who send photos and e-mail her to potential customers, prior to a meeting at a hotel in central London.

Trafficking networks that carry six teenage girls aged between 17 and 22 years from North West to London in September last year to provide sexual services. However, they were caught in a sudden operation Scotland Yard detective who has been communicating with the syndicate by posing as potential customers.

Syndicate activity is known to police after they left a letter at a hotel that contains the offer their services. The letter was then handed to the police station by a hotel employee who was concerned.

Details information about the work syndicate was exposed after four people living in southwest London and Wigan were found guilty at Harrow Court. Mahrookh Jamali (41) and Sara Bordbar (43), originated from southwest London, and Fatima Haghengal (24) and Rasoul Gholampour (30) from Wigan admitted conspiring to trade the virginity of young girls.

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