12 Apr 2010

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Harajuku : Takenoko-Zuko and Tominiko-Zuko

Harajuku is a popular area where young people gather around Harajuku JR station, District Sibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Community locations extreme costume (cosplay) includes the Meiji shrine, Yoyogi Park, Takeshita Street shopping center, department store Laforet and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Starting from 1980 till now, Harajuku has become home to a subculture Takenoko-Zuku, ie young people who often dress strangely (cosplay). Historically, after the opening of the Department Store in the 1970s, this area became the center of Clothing. That region became famous in Japan after the magazine was covered by Fasyen like Anan and Non-no.

At that time, a group of girls called Annon-zoku often walk in the Harajuku area. How to dress this kominitas follow the model of fashion magazine Anan and Non-no.

But along with growth comes the time of the Harajuku area Cosplay Timiniko-Zoku who also dressed in a strange and allegedly attended as a rival Takenoko-zoku. This community of young people to attend after a magazine published in Fanroad, announces the emergence of young children in the area of Harajuku bercosplay costumed robot suit gundam.

The term "Tominiko-zoku" is taken from the name of an Animation director Mobile Suit Gundam, Tomino Yushiyuki, and this is a general term anime fan community.

Once designated as a special area of pedestrians, Harajuku became a favorite hangout for young children. Tekeshita increasingly crowded roads, many visitors who want to see the community Takenoku-Zoku and Tominiko-Zoku who dressed weird and dancing in the streets.

Cosplay (kosupura) is a Japanese-made English term (wasei-eigo) derived from the combination of words "costume" (costumes) and "play" (play). Cosplay means hobby along with accessories and clothes to wear makeup like that bears the characters in anime, manga, manhwa, tale, video games, idol singers and musicians. Cosplay Performer, called a Cosplayer, among fans cosplay is also referred to as layers.

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  1. Takenoku-Zoku ; mantaaf tapi agak serem juga he he.. keep spirit :)

  2. ^.^ I love Cosplay, become to hero in fantasy and dream