20 Apr 2010

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Surfing, Playing With Waves

Surfing is an extreme sports game, a choice for sports fans coast. This exercise took place high above the waves, using the board as a place to stand (ground). Surfboard moving with the wave power, which runs driven by surfers. Balancing skills to make surfing on the waves persist. However, when playing extreme sports, we must remain vigilant to any risk.

Surf sports history, in the early 20th century began to be known by people surfing the United States and Australia, and the surfing community was formed at several beaches in the country, Uncle Sam. Surf culture arising out of fallen sporting ride, which gave birth to such a lifestyle and is reflected in the variety of products, music, fashion, magazines to movies depicting child relaxed-paced beach. The American sociologists in the mid-1950s cultural label as lazy people. But in the era of the early 19th century sports began favored by young people, so that this sport is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and more (Wikipedia).

Surfer (surfing) has its own favorite place, the purpose of playing with the waves. Particularly in Indonesia, Bali Kuta Beach, South Nias Sorake Beach, Beach Lhok Nga Aceh Besar, and the Coast of Central Lombok Gerupuk, good for surfing sports, and have been known in the eyes of the world.

For a beginner surfer, needs to be the most important matters before this extreme sport. First, warming up to flex the muscles of the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of cramps. Second, learn to read waves, because the types of waves for surfing sports consist of waves moving slowly, quick and unisex wave resembles a circle. Third, information about the location of surfing, find out if the area has a lot of coral or rocks, or into the restricted zone.

Understand or learn to surf sport requires considerable time, depending on the spirit of our learning. If you want a teacher or trainer who is more professional, then it should through the School of Surfing, like the one in Kuta Bali. When you want a cheaper, you can learn on the job of people who rent out surfboards and usually provide private services to learn surfing. People like that can be found on the beach surfing locations.

When you are able to exercise this surf, feel the pleasure of playing with the waves. However, remain alert to risks that can occur.

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