22 Apr 2010

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1. Paintballing

This is one of my favourite excursions, I've been paintballing a countless number of times and each time it's as exciting as the first. No doubt it's a painful excursion, but it has a lot of team building activity spirit in it, you have to work together and be tactical. It's also cool to share each other's bruises the next day and you definitely get lots to talk about after. The best paintballing centres are the ones that are out door based, but I've been to one in-door one in London, which was really good and for some reason it felt more painful.

2. Jet Ski

Jet Skiing isn't something you think of doing the UK, as the weathers not the greatest and the waters are cold. But there are centres in the UK where you can go and Jet Ski and it's a thrilling experience. The cold water seems to add another element of fun to the whole excursion. Personally I prefer Jet Skiing somewhere sunny and in the open sea rather than a lake.

3. Rage Buggy Racing

This is one for the speed junkies out there. Rage Buggy racing is exhilaratingly fun; you will drift through mud and get covered in the stuff! You get to race into valleys and over hills, which bounce the buggy off all fours and into the air. It's a truly messy mad driving adventure.

4. Zap Cat Racing

Fast, furious and adrenalin filled. Zap Cat is almost like the street racing of the sea. You're kitted up in wet suits and helmets, then placed in what essentially is an inflatable dingy, that is strapped with a super boat engine. You then pair up and race through the sea at high speeds and each time you throttle forward the boat front lifts to almost a 45 degree angle.

5. White Water Rafting

White Water rafting is a total rush. It challenges you physically and mentally. It will make you battle with any fear of heights or water you might have. You can have up to 5 people in a raft and the team effort to battle through the rough waters is an excellent team working activity. It's tough and does test your strengths in many ways but most importantly its fun and you'll always cherish such experiences.

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