29 Jan 2010

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Ya-Qowiyyu ceremony Spread cake Apem 38,000

News extremes this time comes from the Sendang Plampeyan, the District / Sub Jatinom, Klaten regency, Central Java. Ya-Qowiyyu ceremony or tradition that was born since the Islamic Mataram by Kyai Ageng Gribig in spreading the religion.

Ritual Yes Qowiyyu held on January 29, 2010, exactly the day Friday. In the ritual cake apem two mountains that will spread from mosque Gede paraded up to a location on Sendang Plampeyan, and estimated was attended by approximately 50 thousand people.

Kompas.comreported that mass come from various regions of Surakarta is already waiting at the bottom of the stage to fight a total cake apem approximately 4.5 tons.

Jatinom Suharji village head said, Ya-Qowiyuu ceremonial that means this is the Strong, has become a tradition that the local community do every mid-month Safar, following what a scholar of Kiai Ageng Gribig.

According Suharji, Ya-Qiwiyyu tradition with the spread of cakes apem done when Kiai Ageng Gribig come from Friday prayers in Mecca with a by-by a pair apem cake.In fact, two cakes, if distributed to the santri not be enough.

Therefore, these two destroyed apem cake with rice flour dough and made cakes apem distributed to the santri and traditions of local communities was carried out until now. "Cake apem distributed to the public this year, a total of 4.5 tons or about 38 thousand cake apem," he said.

According to him, the tradition of Yes-Qiwiyyu by citizens around the belief that if they get the cake as barokah apem. Apem cake, then taken home to be planted in their fields in order to be fertile so that their life becomes prosperous and wealthy.

While the masses than fighting over a cake apem, they also have some who make a pilgrimage at the tomb of Kiai Ageng Gribig located around Gede Mosque in the village. They came to jostle for space in the queue to visit the grave.


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