3 Feb 2010

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After the extreme case of cruel psychological Babe kill street children, appear different colors cult again early in 2010 Indonesia. Flow Burayat Agung and Surga Eden confirmed by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) as a cult because it is considered to have outraged the Islamic religion. The emergence of a cult is not the first time in Indonesia, having previously appeared flow Sabdo Kusumo led by Sudjono, Al-Qiyadah Al-Islamiyah led by Ahmad Mushaddeq, and the flow Satria Piningit Weteng Buwono.

Burayat Agung flow was led by Agung Sucahyo Apriliawan, proximity of the village Gelung, District Panarukan, Situbondo, East Java. The emergence of this genre makes nervous people around, and has influenced a number of communities. MUI ensure the flow of the Great taught his followers are misguided and apostates in the eyes of God. From the information gathered from the surrounding community detiksurabaya.com that the flow of this Great Burayat banning more extreme followers to read the Qur'an, prayer, and fasting.

MUI chairman opinion Situbondo R KH Abdullah Faqih Ghufron that the flow of the Burayat Agung believe in Allah and Muhammad, but the way that is not true and false. If they do not believe in the pillars of their faith is misguided, but if they banned santri pray and read the Koran means they desecrate religion (antaranews.com).

Another case with the flow of Surga Eden. This flow was led by Ahmad Tantowi located in Cirebon regency of West Java. According to the General Secretary of the MUI, Jabar Rafani Achyar that abuses the religion of Islam is found there in the Quran surah Al-Ahzab verses 50-51 that the suspect allegedly incorrectly interpret. In addition the defendant has written 8 books that are used to spread the doctrine and the book also quotes the verses of Al Quran.

Surga Eden followers of most women. SuaraMerdeka.com reported that the Surga Eden Palace in Cirebon, there is a pool decorated with statues of naked women, right in front of the room Tantowi. In addition, there are also the keris and the various objects that allegedly used as a ritual. Leadership is Ahmad Tantowi flow itself as God and can mix female followers.

The rise of a cult in Indonesia as a whole, because the level of public education is still less, so almost all areas are infiltrated a cult. This is a challenge the MUI and the various Islamic mass organizations to avoid and convey the substance of religion up to the grassroots people of Indonesia.

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