8 Feb 2010

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Google Warning Against Goojje Search Engines

Google has warned China of a search engine to stop using a logo similar to the logo are the leading search engine. If not, the site named Goojje China will face legal action from the Google.

Newspaper Shenzhen Economic Daily, Monday, February 8, 2010, issued this warning along with periods of Google considers its future in China after deciding to not comply with government censorship rules in China. Google China also hit by cyber attacks.

Google accused had violated the rights Goojje Google trademarks. According to Google, the logo can make Goojje Internet users think that Goojje endorsed or associated with the U.S. company. In a letter sent to the attorney Goojje by Google, the U.S. internet company is required to revoke the logo Goojje like the latest next Monday.

Goojje launched last month by a 20-member strong team of people led by a student surnamed Wen, after Google declared retreat from China. Goojje operator to post an ambiguous statement on their website. From the vague description, a number of media to interpret that Goojje provide support to Google.

Goojje homepage design imitating Google and China's name ends with the letter Goojje which means "elder sister". Meanwhile, China's name for Google's end in the letter which is the homonym of "big brother".

Source : http://dunia.vivanews.com/news/read/127777-google_ingatkan_goojje_agar_berhenti_meniru

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