11 Feb 2010

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Sport Rock Climbing, Extreme Sports

Sport rock climbing is an extreme sport that was never there. Rock climbing activity full of challenges and should be done with courage and skill has become an alternative sport for the young generation. Activities risky climbing is usually done on a cliff/hill, mountain or artificial walls.

Extreme sports like rock climbing has its own positive values that should be further developed,namely the formation of character and characters, affirming personality, nurture the soul sporty, simple, patriotic and full of fighting spirit, and an event distribution of talent and achievement.

Rock climbing gym also has a positive value in terms of personality development in the context of human resource development. Positive value that is contained in the arena of growth and development of disciplines; can foster the spirit and the spirit of healthy competition; personal educate strong, resilient, and do not know surrender; foster excellent physical abilities; fostering the unity and integrity; evoke a sense of love of the country; require special technical skills, so that should follow the development of technology; and improve human resources (Indonesia Rock Climbing Federation, FPTI).

In rock climbing activities are not enough to rely solely on the physical and mental perfection, but we also need sufficient knowledge and equipment to ensure safety during the climb.

In addition, to be aware of when preparing a climber and was climbing are:

1. Get the information up-to-date as much as possible about the location of the cliff and climbing before the trip begins.

2. If there is closure of access to climb the cliff, do not be violated and find another place to climb.

3. Use a path that already exists even farther and longer to achieve. Do not create a new shortcut that will only result in the erosion of land.

4. Berkemahlah in the space provided or used.

5. Toilet, must be at least 10 feet from the water source / river. If there was no toilet, dig a hole as deep as 30 centimeters to defecate.

6. Use of magnesium lime as needed.

7. Do not put a rope rapel directly kernmantel to use a sling but the tree is tied to a tree.

8. Obey the rules, traditions and ethics of villages around where you climb. Respect and neighborly problem with the villagers.

9. Keep a low profile look.

10. Honor and respect fellow climbers.

Here's a glimpse of the sport of rock climbing. Are you full of challenges and have the courage to try an extreme sport?. Please try rock climbing.

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  1. keren banget hobbynya.. ane baru bisa rafling doang he he.. keep spirit :)

  2. waduw saya gak berani kek gituan ngeri rasanya hahahahah
    tapi salut sobb kalau km hobi

    berkunjung dan ditunggu kunjungan baliknya