31 May 2011

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Man waving sword arrested in downtown Vancouver - Police arrested a sword-wielding man on Monday afternoon after a dramatic confrontation in downtown Vancouver.

Transit Police first received calls around 1:30 p.m. stating the man was on the SkyTrain at Metrotown, allegedly acting irrationally and repeatedly unsheathing the sword. Meanwhile, Vancouver police cordoned off the area to bystanders.

The man then allegedly became increasingly irrational and continued to unsheath and wave the sword around, said VPD Const. Lindsey Houghton.

"Out of concern for the man's safety, the safety of bystanders who were gathering nearby, the Vancouver Police Department Emergency Response Team members deployed multiple rounds from an Arwen gun," Houghton said.

"The Arwen rounds were ineffective and the man continued to wave the sword. Houghton said the Arwen rounds and Taser were ineffective likely because the man was wearing thick clothing, including a leather jacket.



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