28 Mar 2010

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News extremes this time coming from neighbor countries, ie there is a UFO in the sky seemed Malaysia. Recognition of the community has seen the appearance of this foreign object (UFO) 3 times, exactly in Selangor, Klang, Malaysia.

Reporting from Shin Chew Daily (March 26, 2010), residents in the Complex Tri Andalas, Selangor, admitted that he had three times seeing visions of the foreign object (UFO) over the sky around the location of housing.

The same thing happened on March 16 last, number of local residents saw the UFO appeared in the sky Selangor. And a description of a citizen that the UFO was a blue light circle.

Appearance of foreign body was seen spinning in the sky for a few days. When news UFO in the sky seemed that Malaysia was spread, there are about 20 local people set up equipment to capture these UFO sightings.

Li KangWei (26) claimed to have succeeded in seeing a UFO in the sky with a telescope. He told me that it was a flat-oval shaped like a flying saucer blue. When the UFO was flying low, the color of emitted light turns red gradually. During the 3 nights a foreign object that appeared 2 times, when floating in the air and when cut crosswise.

Added, he saw that the UFO has a high-speed supersonic aircraft used. Extraordinary UFO events appear in the sky Malaysia.

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- http://iptek.tvone.co.id/berita/view/35329/2010/03/27/wow_ufo_tampak_di_malaysia/

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