6 Jul 2010

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Octopus Paul Germany vs Spain Prediction

Octopus "Paul" Germany vs Spain Prediction. German Panzer team will experience a shock on the opportunity to continue into the final round of World Cup South Africa 2010, after Paul's octopus forecasters chose Spain as the semi-final winner. Paul is a marine animal (octopus) became celebrities over the years, considered to give correct predictions on the fate of Germany in World Cup 2010 matches, including victories obtained against England and Argentina.

Previously Paul had given instructions if Serbia will beat Germany (1-0) in the preliminary round 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. However, predictably spirit of a number of fans still give support to Germany.

Fame really surround the telecast Paul with the octopus prediction directly by the TV channel in Germany. In fact there were two reporters assigned to comment on how Paul predicted.

The officers who handle the squid in the Sea Life Aquarium, Oberhausen, encourage Paul to make predictions by placing mollusc so meal in two glass cube, each attached by two state flags will be competing in the front. Paul captured the first mollusk that is the result of prediction.

Well, this is only a prediction of a marine animal (octopus) was named "Paul", which predicts the Germany vs Spain, do not be too reliable, although there have been plenty of evidence. On the gridiron game that will be proof champion, Germany vs Spain.

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