27 Oct 2010

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Shoe thrown at former Prime Minister of Australia

Shoe thrown at former Prime Minister of Australia. Classified as an extreme act done by a man named Peter Gray who protested against the Iraq war, throwing his shoes towards Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard. The incident happened to Howard about the same with shoe throwing incident U.S. President George W Bush during a press conference in Baghdad, and the book thrown at Obama during the campaign Democratic.

The incident occurred because the man thought that John Howard as an ally of Bush on Iraq war, which took the decision to help the American-led 2003 invasion of Iraq, sending 2000 troops. "This is for the Iraqi people are dead!" Said Gray, and threw his shoes at Live Q & A on the Australian Broadcasting Corp., in Sydney.

Fortunately, Gray's shoe did not land to John Howard. And Gray was carried out studio by security forces.

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