10 Mar 2010

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News this time including a magic and beauty of the ocean floor. In marine waters Cenote Angelita, Mexico there is a miracle of discovery in the River Sea Base. If the votes of confidence in the rationality of thinking, it is extremely unlikely. However, there is and real.

If you are a diving, then you should visit the Cenote Angelita, Mexico. At the bottom of the sea there is a cave. If you dive to depths of 30 meters, the water is fresh water, but if you dive to depths of more than 60 meters, the water turns salty water, then you can see a river at the bottom, complete with trees and foliage leaves.

But the researchers say, it is not unusual as befits the river, it is a layer of hydrogen sulfide, but it looks like a river. This is the thing that makes Cenote Angelita be extraordinary, with the river on its seabed. Behold the power of the creator!.

"We'll show them someday soon, the evidence of truth we are all over the world and to themselves, until light to them, that the Qur'aan is the truth. It not sufficient that God is watching you all things. "(Surah Fushshilat: 53)

"It is He who let the two seas (adjacent); that is fresh again and the other fresh salty and bitter, and He made between them and the boundary walls that block." (Surat al-Furqan: 53)

Some images will be the discovery of the river at the bottom of the sea mexico.

Meksiko : Sungai di Dasar Laut

Meksiko : Sungai di Dasar Laut

Meksiko : Sungai di Dasar Laut

Meksiko : Sungai di Dasar Laut

Want to see the video collection river in the sea Click HERE.

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