6 Mar 2011

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Google Logo ~ Today would have been Will Eisner’s 94th birthday, as a pretty cool company Google has a special logo, for Will Eisner.

Google Logo - Will Eisner Birthday Celebration

Eisner was a participant in, and inspiration for, much of the best in American comics, also as a friend and mentor to multiple generations of comics artists. He was born on March 6, 1917 and died 87 years after January 3, 2005.

Eisner was so important to the industry, they've an annual award for cartoonist named “the Eisners” or Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

The following excerpt from google free blog, written by Scott McCloud about the struggle of Will Eisner in popularizing comics.

Eisner was one of the first cartoonists to understand the power of visual education, and wrote eloquently about the process of making comics in Comics and Sequential Art (1985) and Graphic Storytelling (1996). As early as 1941, he publicly advocated treating comics as a distinct literary and artistic form, and—nearly four decades later—was instrumental in the rise of the graphic novel in America, beginning with A Contract with God in 1978.


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